Frequently Asked Questions for Crowdfunding Software

Frequently Asked Questions



Journey crowdfunding software is designed from the ground up to support the future of digital currencies such as digital tokens, cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH as well as the impending launch of central banks’ digital currencies. Supporting credit card payment option is a walk in the park compared to designing and developing one for the digital asset industry. In addition, Journey’s user interface is professionally designed, both on the web and mobile, hence instilling greater confidence for your users.

Yes, you can opt for our Enterprise Host-It-Yourself licence program. Under this program, we will provide you with the source code for both the web and mobile applications. You are also permitted to modify the source codes. Please note that the source codes are not for resale.

Yes, we understand you will want to have a crowdfunding platform that looks unique to your brand identity and business. Our team will work with you to fully achieve this objective.